This Christmas, support refugee women with a donation and don’t leave them alone

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The mission of the Astalli Center is to accompany, serve and defend the rights of refugees in Italy.

For 40 years we have been carrying out projects of reception and integration in 8 cities of Italy and we are at the side of 20 thousand refugees and asylum seekers (Data: Annual Report 2020).

On the journey to a new and concrete hope of life, women and men refugees must take countless steps, a journey full of obstacles. After having left behind wars and violence, the road to integration in Italian society is a daily challenge.

It has become an even more uncertain journey due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic that continues to have a strong impact on the already precarious lives of the most vulnerable.

Especially those of families, single mothers and refugee children.

When forced migration is an experience involving the family, including children, finding a balance in a new context is particularly complicated. At the Astalli Center there are many single mothers who are deeply tired, frightened and disappointed. Far from their families, they try to regain serenity and autonomy while taking care of one or more children. In this case, there are many more challenges they have to face.


What we can do together

Foto: Francesca Napoli/Centro AstalliYour help is a concrete intervention in their lives. Here are some examples of the main needs and how you can help.

- Aid for single mothers

Refugee women often have to face their own journey of inclusion and citizenship alone. They are strong, courageous women, who every day walk towards a future made of peace, freedom, emancipation, and who are committed to starting again in a place where they finally feel safe and where they can raise their children.

  • With 50 € you can donate a food package to a refugee family
  • With 70 € you can insure for a month a supply of powdered milk for a newborn
  • With 100 € you can guarantee a baby diaper supply for one month

- Study support for refugee children

A “normal” everyday life, which is so important for the serenity of children, is put to the test by the new challenges that the pandemic has forced everyone to face. For the welfare of a refugee child, school is a fundamental good. Efforts to develop distance learning opportunities have not reached all equally, thus increasing inequalities in access to education for children.

  • With 20 € you can ensure the internet connection needed for a refugee child to attend online lessons
  • With 70 € you can help the Astalli Center to provide what is necessary for the school of a refugee child (aprons, notebooks, backpacks, pencil cases, books etc…)
  • With 100 € you can contribute to the rental or purchase of tablets or computers that will allow refugee children to take part in distance learning

With your donation, you can ensure essential goods for refugee families and the learning continuity of refugee children.

Refugee women talk about themselves

Elenoire, refugee woman from Cameroon
I have a 13-year-old son and a 7-year-old girl who has to spend long periods in the hospital due to a congenital disease. I have always done the cleaning in a hotel. But the pandemic and my daughter’s care prevented me from continuing to work. School comes first. I’ve always thought about the future of my children, which must be different from mine. But now I don’t know how to feed them and how to take care of them. I’m really afraid I won’t make it.

Ester, refugee woman from Congo
I’ve always had death close to me since I escaped from Congo, where I was majoring in economics. During my journey and throughout the desert I thought I could not do it. When I was in prison in Libya and later at sea, I prayed every day to die so that I did not have to endure the horror. In Italy I slept for a long time on the street and I wondered many times if I would wake up the day after.

Mary, refugee woman from Ivory Coast
I did not know I was expecting Carol when I arrived in Italy. The pregnancy would have been an immense joy if my husband was with me. I was terrified of having to raise her alone in a foreign country, where even the simplest things seemed mountains to climb. The war also took away all my desire to be a mother. But then she arrived to my life and since then, everything else doesn’t count. Taking care of a newborn is challenging and sometimes I’m afraid I won’t make it. I fight for me and for her every day. She must grow up far from the war at all costs.

This Christmas, choose to be at the side of refugee women and don´t leave them alone.

You can guarantee your support to refugees through a single donation or with a regular one, deciding the amount and frequency of the donation.

Our common commitment can contribute to building a more just, free and inclusive society, attentive to the aspirations of everyone.

Together we can do so much, we can do more.



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30 novembre 2020